What’s in the box?

This week we’re updating the congregation on the storage containers or CONEX’s that are in the parking lot. When the main building was built, there seemed to be enough storage but as the congregation has grown so have our storage needs. The large container holds things that are used occasionally or things that are just too large to put anywhere else. Frequently, we use the larger container to hold things that are donated to the church before we give them to families in need. The smaller container is essentially are yard shed or garage; it holds the landscaping tools and other tools that aren’t necessarily used on a regular basis.

The HOA has received complaints about the containers and we have been told to move them or we could potentially face a costly lawsuit. This Wednesday (June 26, 2019) we’ll have a company here to move the containers to the new concrete pad behind the church. We’ll need some help from you to unload the containers before they’re moved and then to reload them once they’re placed on the pad. We have nowhere else to store the stuff and this is the most efficient way to handle this process.

Please contact Pastor Chad at chad@lifepointaz.com if you can help next Wednesday or if you want to make a special donation to help the church offset some of these extra and highly unexpected costs.


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