When We Come Together

In the weeks that have gone by, we have received some excellent messages on marriage; the role that each of us plays as husband and wife. I encourage you to go and listen to them again.

In our world today, marriage seems to be an option, or often, a short-term commitment.

This coming Sunday, we are talking about what happens when the believers come together & understand what it means to function together as one body (the body of Christ) in the setting of the church or as we meet in home fellowships.

Henry Ford once said, & I quote, “Coming together as the “Body of Christ” is the beginning. Keeping together is progress. Working together is a success”

The attitudes that make marriage work, when applied to the church, causes us to grow into full maturity, and be useful and a blessing one to the other.

There is more to the church then meets the eye! Your joy and personal fulfillment and satisfaction will reach its full potential when you take your place as a “life-giving” part of the body of the living church!

I leave you with this; The Glory of God and the Power and strength of God in the church are hidden in each one of the members.

Join us this Sunday & come prepared to give as well as to receive.

Jerry Van Der Veen

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