Why we serve on the San Carlos Indian Reservation

January 2017 was the first time I went on a local mission trip to San Carlos, and it crushed me to see a third-world country in my own backyard. It put a fire in my heart and spirit of service within me to serve and help them in any way I could. I’ve seen a lot of devastation and God’s glorious restoration while there. 

As I get ready to serve in San Carlos again, I thought it would be fitting to tell you about our local neighbors. San Carlos is located near Globe and covers approximately 1 million acres of land in Graham, Gila, and Pinal Counties. We partner with ARM (Arizona Reservation Ministries) in serving the local Apache population near the Globe area. 

To kick off the workday, we begin with a prayer journey through the reservation where Diana (from ARM) explains about the reservations and the hardships they face. We stop and pray over different locations. The prayer journey can last from one to two hours. Once that is over, we head to the construction site. 

In some of the past projects we have painted churches, demolition of concrete, and worked on all stages of home construction. There are projects that have been open to all age ranges from 12 to adulthood. There is no real skill involved except a servant’s heart, and the will to follow directions and learn. However, there are other ways to serve with ARM.

They accept donations (gift cards, monetary donations through their website, clothing, blankets, etc.), volunteers to work on the Children’s Church Bus during the week, VBS volunteers during the month of June, and are always willing to take a group of Teens and Adults on a prayer journey. 

“Arizona Reservation Ministries exists to provide God’s ARMs around the Reservation. Currently serving on the San Carlos Apache Reservation in ways only God could orchestrate, those “arms” are providing a hug for children, shooting basketballs with youth, building homes, distributing clothing and food to impoverished families and sharing God’s hope through the Gospel with all ages. Established upon the principal found in Exodus 17 where God’s people need the assistance of others, ARM has chosen the servant position of Aaron, holding up the needs of our Apache brothers and sisters as the Lord leads. Those who partner with us—financially, prayerfully, or physically, are likewise upholding those in God’s family who live in tremendous poverty (“Hur”). That leaves the “Moses” position: Native Christians are more than capable of representing Christ on their Reservation. With their limited funds, etc., we are simply called to “hold up their ARMs.” We’re grateful that you’re taking the time to read about us, and acknowledge that our deepest need is your prayers.”

Some current prayer requests can be found on their website, but one they are always asking for is, “Death” is a profound part of “life” on the San Carlos Apache Reservation. Diabetes, the countless effects of alcohol and drug abuse, suicide, and murder are FAR-too common. With a Tribal Enrollment of approx. 14,000, there is at least one funeral each week. Infants are formed within toxic wombs; drug-affected and gang-affiliated have taken the lives of many, lately.”

AZREZ.ORG for more information or me, Evan Thiele @ missions@lifepointaz.com 

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