Wine & Blood

It is difficult, no, nearly impossible to sit down and watch the evening news and leave with overflowing joy in your heart. The evening news is especially full of stories depicting mankind’s brokenness and the destruction of natural disasters, sickness, and pandemics, economic meltdowns, and celebrity crisis. Occasionally they like to throw in a “feel good” piece to help the watcher not leave completely depressed. So where do we go to receive joy then? If you are a parent you find joy in watching your children grow, mature and learn new things, no matter their age, you find joy in your hobbies, vacations, relationships, and adventures.

Some people just resign themselves from pursuing great joy or achievements and settle for something comfortable and familiar in exchange for not having to be embarrassed or fail. Then we read about those who have achieved their greatest joys and they tell of how hollow the experience was, or how it failed to satisfy them the way they had hoped, this leaves many feeling that it’s not really worth pursuing joy if that is what the most talented and brightest of humankind can achieve.

Take a moment and ask yourself this question, “what is one thing in this world that would bring me the greatest joy?” Now, I am fully aware that in light of the previous statements and knowing this is coming from your pastor that all of your answers will be selfless and sacrificial and even some of you will answer with downright Mother Teresa level holiness, but that’s ok. I want you to take a moment this week and think about how this theme fits with John 2:1-11. Jesus at the wedding feast and the changing water into wine. I want you to pray and meditate on Jesus’ words to his mother Mary when she tells him of the plight of the bride and groom, and he essentially tells her, “my time has not yet come.”

See you this Sunday at LifePoint Church.

Nathan Bentley

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