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Work as Worship Retreat Pt. 2 | LifePoint Church

Work as Worship Retreat Pt. 2

The Work As Worship Retreat was hosted this past Friday at LifePoint and our decent turnout got to hear from some great speakers who offered a good array of insight into making all of our work worship.

Obviously, Francis Chan as the headline speaker offered fantastic biblical proof showing that our all our work, even if not in vocational ministry, is part of how God made us. Chan read from Psalm 90 and asked the question: if we only had 15 minutes left on Earth, what would we say? What would we do?

The next most impactful speaker allowed us to see economy and work from the viewpoint of Ugandan women. Elizabeth Bohannan is the CEO of Sseko Designs which is an ethical fashion brand that works to educate and empower women. Liz’s story is packed full of examples of how God worked to take someone who absolutely hated business to be a successful CEO of a strong company. Servant leadership is how Liz runs her company and in just 4 years her company grew from 4 women making sandals to over 50 women working good paying jobs allowing them to attend university. Liz’s stage presence is amazing and she is just as engaging and entertaining as her testimony.

Last up was a legendary and hilarious speaker, Jon Acuff. Jon has a comedic presentation style that can be appreciated by anyone from the age of 13-60! Jon’s presentation built up from how to show empathy (something all Christians should be proficient with!) to explaining how we all need character, skills, blank, and hustle to be successful in the secular workplace as Christians. We cannot put our identity in our worldly success…text “DOOVER” to 44222 and get a free gift from Jon Acuff even if you didn’t attend! 

Don’t miss out on next years’ retreat!

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