Worth the Wait

So what can I say? At the beautiful age of 64, I found myself going on my first ever mission trip. It had long been a desire of my heart and now it was coming true. I found myself with a wonderful group of brothers and sisters; a family of like-minded people willing to be the hands and feet of Jesus. God did not disappoint.
From the moment we gathered together to leave for our mission, I felt the Holy Spirit drawing us together with one heart and purpose; He was with us the whole way. Each day was a joy as we gathered together for a time of worship, the word, and communion. At the end of each day, we had a time to share our hearts. It was a perfect time of reflecting on all the Lord had done.

The days were long and the roads bumpy but His presence was ever near. I felt such an honor and privilege as we work together as a team with My360Project, Dorothy’s Place (Fresh Start Women’s Shelter) and Hope Women’s Shelter. It was so refreshing to see people working together in the spirit of love and nothing else mattered. We moved throughout each day with joy and excitement.

Our first service project was Dorothy’s; we broke out into small groups, each taking on the job of painting a mural, making cookies, washing babies, playing with toddlers, and even some minor construction. Then we had a beautiful meal from Dorothy’s restaurant, and she shared her heart and dreams about the making of Fresh Start and where she wants to go with it next. That was just the beginning, we went to a migrant community where we played games, sang songs, broke up a pinata, and served hot dogs and chips. There we found eyes filled with wonder, excitement, and gratefulness. One little girl touched my heart, Jenna. As she was handed a Bible, she took it close to her heart and kissed it; I melted! From there, we went to the community block party to celebrate Mexican Independence Day, an event sponsored by Dorothy’s Place, where we served 650 hot dog dinners followed by fireworks. Now that’s what I call a great day!

Our next day was spent painting a home for a new family at Hope Women’s Shelter. Followed by feeding the children of the center some lunch and passing out beanie babies. Oh, the Joy and Hope on each of these kids’ faces. From there we moved to Padre Keno Village with pastor Gregorio, jumping into the back of his small pickup moving up and down the streets, we invited the children to come and see us. We played a few games and performed a small drama. Then we set up to wash their feet, to love on them, to pray, and place new socks and shoes on their tiny little toes. I was so blessed. We were able to bless 42 children and mommas with shoes, beanie babies, and Bibles.

The next day we went to another community, San Francisco, and had a great day with the kids: playing, singing songs, and a small drama /Bible story. We fed them soup, chips, and juice. We had a super time with superhero masks and mustaches! Everyone really enjoyed this time.

Off we went to a fantastic lunch in town, followed by some incredible frozen yogurt. My360Project blessed us with some wonderful food! And on to the next community, Angelina Galvan, where we again washed feet, prayed, and loving touched 38 more lives. What more can be said!

Sunday, nearing the end of our trip. We spent our time with the Lord. At the Little White Chapel by the Sea. We enjoyed a wonderful time of worship, heard a word from Veronica, and a few of us shared our testimonies. It was a beautiful day spent enjoying one another, some took a hike on the volcano, some rested by the ocean. Afterward, we were able to host a spontaneous shoe give.

We drove up and down the streets, looking for those the Lord would have us share with. We were able to find a small group of kids playing, and we loved on them. We blessed 9 with shoes and many others with new socks, beanie babies, and Bibles.

So what can I say! It is a trip I will always treasure in my heart and it was a lot of work. But oh how worth it! I can’t wait to do it all over again!

Vicki Wood

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