Yarn for the CAFCC inmates

A hearty thank you to Pastor Nathan, the Staff, and all who donated yarn for the women at the Central Arizona Florence Correctional Complex (CAFCC) over the last few weeks. Warden Kris Kline’s Administrative Assistant (Marie) gave Jeanne and me some items (purses, scarfs, gloves, etc. that women in the detention center had crocheted. Marie asked if we could find a place for these items. Jeanne said yes, the homeless folks at the Genesis project. Then Jeanne asked Erika Stroum is we could ask for yarn donations. The Staff approved and now through your generosity, LifePoint, many women are making good things for people in need.

Thank you and please keep the yarn coming, but no hooks. 😉

God bless you for your generosity!

Jeanne & Rod Brouwer Grace Without Borders Ministries

Proverbs 11:25😏

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