You don’t have to leave the country to be a missionary

The other day we found ourselves in conversation with a couple looking to “go on the mission field.” They sat eagerly soaking up the story of our own journey and how God had called us, equipped us, and made the way for us to travel so far from home. As we closed out, we spoke about the changing face of missions, and how today we see more and more local missions. This seems to be a foreign concept to a common tradition. We don’t often hear about local missionaries, not in the non-denominational side. When most think of missionaries, they think of door-to-door evangelism. That is not what most missionary work looks like anymore. At one time, yes, it did, but now the mission field looks more like a service project; people who go and serve in whatever capacity is needed. And yet, it is changing again!
You don’t have to leave the country to be a missionary. We see needs all over the world, the US, and even here locally in Arizona. Many of our congregants don’t hold the title Missionary. Yet, we see them doing what missionaries do! They serve. Recently, I saw one that touched my heart. She does not hold an official missionary title. She doesn’t hold a place on staff at the church. She doesn’t boast about all she has done or seen. In fact, every time I see her posting on FaceBook about something wonderful in the Kingdom, she is always giving credit to God and his amazing servants.
Twice in the last week, I’ve seen how Renee Pocklington has gone out of her way to spearhead outreach opportunities. She sent water bottles, flip-flops, and a basketball to the children at Father’s House in the Philippines, where our own missionary, Trish Van Alstyne, just returned from. This was not an overnight decision given that you have to ship across the world to make this happen! On a separate and more recent occasion, Renee ran a Go-Fund-Me event to gather Bibles for our beloved San Carlos Reservation in Globe. Arizona Reservation Ministries (A.R.M) put out a call requesting Bibles for those quarantined at home. Renee delivered 45 Bibles. My favorite part about all of this is that no one spoke to Renee, begging her to join the cause, asking for help. She took it upon herself, she listened to God’s call on her heart, and she moved with the intention to further God’s Kingdom! Today, I call Renee a local missionary. Thank you, Renee, for loving so deeply and so fully!
If you know of someone that is giving wholeheartedly for God’s Kingdom, please share their story with us! We would love to feature them, or even just simply say, “well done!” You can reach out to us by email at
Working as the Hands and Feet of Jesus,
Evan & Veronica Thiele
Missions Directors
LifePoint Church

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