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Your generosity at work | LifePoint Church

Your generosity at work

The demographics of our church is such that we were in need of more handicap accessible parking. Many weeks, people in need are forced to park on the back side of the church which is a further distance and not as safe to get across. On top of this, we had received regular grievances about obstruction of sidewalk accessibility caused by cars pulling all the way up to the sidewalk, leaving the front end of the car covering a large portion of the sidewalk.

Because of your generous giving, we are able to make improvements to the building and grounds. We have added five extra handicap parking spots next to the front of the church. This gives us a total of nine accessible spots. Along with this, we have added curb stops all along these parking areas. These stops allow for the proper sidewalk space for both wheelchairs and pedestrians. Note that if you are backing into any spots with a pickup truck you will still need to stop prior to the stops as to not leave your bumper overhanging the sidewalk.

We’re excited to be able to make these improvements and grateful for the role you play.

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