YouthLife Recap

It has been another outrageous year of God working in young people’s lives through our children’s and youth ministry. We have had several new believers through the season and adding baptism to Wednesday nights in 2021 was a great success as well. The number of kids declaring their lives for Christ literally doubled each month. We had a great swarm of unchurched, neighbor kids come to check us out and ended up being drawn in by the Holy Spirit. They are seeking the unconditional love of Jesus to enter into their lives. Lives that are full of darkness and despair, in a world that is becoming more and more confusing as the days pass on. There’s food on Wednesday nights which is a big draw. It also provides for some a meal for their evening which they would not have without it.

Along with the blessing of students, we have had a great blessing of new leaders as well, from small group leaders to teachers and we are adding a new director as well. Josh Winters has been assisting me in the junior high ministry and will now become our Jr. High Director. I hand him the reigns! He comes with youth leader experience and a strong desire to minister to the needs of teens. The additional leaders added this year have been such a blessing. We were able to return to having “small group” sessions after the lessons for a more intimate conversation over the topic at hand & topics that were pertinent to their lives during that week. If you are feeling God’s calling to either youth or children’s ministry, we have room for you as well. Simply contact me We will be starting up the new midweek season on August 4th. I can’t wait to see what God does in this next season!


Mike Shamburg
Youth Pastor

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