Who is that Guy

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Good Day Church! What a great time to be alive. Here in Arizona, the sun is shining, things left in the car instantly turn to goo and the pools are warming up. In addition to all that…Our Lord and Savior sits on the throne and we walk daily in the promise that we are free from sin and death, free to live in generosity to others because we are no longer bound by the trappings of this world, and free to worship our King!

This Sunday we will begin a new series that will be exegetical, (that just means chapter by chapter and verse by verse), going through the books of 1,2,3 John. This is not the gospel of John but those three very small writings right before Jude and Revelation. I don’t know if you have ever given this much thought, but who wrote those books? Was it the apostle John, another John not mentioned, was it even a guy named John? Were they letters to a church like Paul’s writings or something else?

All these questions along with the significance of the wisdom provided in these books are what we will be exploring through the month of May. Take some time this weekend, read these books, and ask the Lord to show you His heart in what is written.

See you Sunday.


Nathan Bentley