Why Covenant Membership?

As we journey together and grow in faith, we are called to more than mere attendance; we are called to belong to a church body where we give our time and talents to. At LifePoint we call this covenant membership. Covenant membership signifies a deeper commitment to our community and our shared mission. Through covenant membership, we cultivate a sense of accountability, not just to one another but also to our individual spiritual growth. Quarterly phone calls with a pastor or elder provide a space for personal connection and encouragement, while monthly covenant emails offer spiritual nourishment and updates on church initiatives. Beyond these tangible benefits, covenant membership fosters a sense of belonging and unity, where we stand together in solidarity and support. We invite you today to be a part of the covenant family here at LifePoint Church.

Nathan Bentley

How do I join LifePoint Covenant Membership?

Keep scrolling past the graphic for more info on each step
If you have any questions about this process, you can email info@lifepointaz.com

1. Attend Starting Point

Starting Point is held quarterly- in January, April, July, and October. Please refer to the calendar for the next one.

2. Attend LifePoint Church for at least 6 months

Be sure to fill out a connection card

3. Volunteer at LifePoint Church

Join one of our many opportunities to serve and use your gifts!

4. Be Water Baptized

You don't have to be water baptized at LifePoint Church. We do offer water baptisms on the last Sunday of the month after 2nd service. If you need to sign up for the next one, check out our calendar.

5. Watch the Covenant Teaching Video

Download the covenant membership agreement to follow along during the video

Watch the embedded video here

6. Take a Spiritual Gifts Test

Go to the website below and be sure to save or print a copy of your results for your final step.

7. Meet with a Pastor

Meet with a pastor who will answer any questions you have from the video, review your spiritual gifts test, and pray with you as you enter covenant membership with LifePoint Church. Fill out the form below when you have completed ALL the steps and are ready to proceed.