Perfect Love, Zero Fear

Lifepointaz   -  

This Sunday will be our conclusion to the, Identifying What’s Real series. I hope you have enjoyed, as much as I have, studying John’s insight on what a real follower of Christ looks like and what it practically means to be the body of Christ. John continually reaffirms the idea that we are saved by the work of the divine being Jesus, and we are to love others as he loved those closest to Him and those he knew briefly.

This final sermon will be no different as we look at the phrase, “…perfect love casts out fear.” Fear is a double-edged sword, without it, we would not last long on this earth, but with unhealthy fear, we will be physically alive yet paralyzed to move. There is a repeated message that starts with Jesus and is continued on by the disciples that we should not be anxious, or fearful of what is to come. That we should proceed boldly and with confidence in the areas that God has called us to.

How do we know what are areas we have been called to, and which ones we stumbled into ourselves? Can we still count on His grace and blessings in these areas? How do I tell healthy fear from unhealthy fear, isn’t this subjective? What happens when healthy fear turns into unhealthy fear, how do I go back?

This Sunday I want to break down this concept of fear and its contrast with the love we are called to be imitators of. How is it exactly that perfect love casts out fear?

See you Sunday.


Nathan Bentley