Taste and See

Tim Ferrara   -  

So how’s your fast going?  You probably have one of two responses: either, “these hunger pangs are really rough” or “oh yeah we are doing that fasting thing.”   If you haven’t started yet or thought about what to fast, don’t be discouraged.  Just like tithing, you want to fast for the right reasons and not out of coercion or guilt.  We have an informative booklet on the main page of our website with some more information on fasting I would encourage you to check out.

As Pastor Nathan encouraged us last Sunday, when you fast, focus on just being in God’s presence.  Seek His face first before you ask for anything.  Jesus said “blessed are those who hunger and thirst for righteousness, for they will be filled” (Matt 5:6).  Jesus used very basic physiological needs to help His audience understand how we should long for more of God, for more righteousness, for more holiness before a holy God.  This type of hunger is not like going “hungry” and starving, but more like a desire or a craving.  Like when I drive by Raising Cane’s and have an immediate craving for chicken with their sauce…

When those hunger pangs hit, use them as a reminder of how you want to hunger for more of God.  We need the reminder to desire more of God because life comes at us hard and tells us we have enough.

There’s three reasons why we don’t hunger after God:

  1. We are filled with other things (junk food)
  2. We don’t see Jesus as desirable
  3. We think we are already filled and have enough of God (religion)

So does hungering for God mean that life is perfect?  Of course not.  Sometimes we need to remind ourselves of God’s goodness even in the midst of the struggles we face in this world.  I encourage you to read my favorite Psalm, Psalm 73, in preparation for Sunday.

Come hungry,

Tim Ferrara

Executive Pastor