The Thirst is the Quench

Douglas Sheppard   -  

I hope and pray your season of fasting is going well and your time with God has drawn you closer in relationship with Him. As I have spent this week thinking about the term thirst, I was drawn to the physical element of actually being thirsty. The question that arose was ‘When was the last time you were so thirsty you would take the last drop of someone’s drink?’ It’s probably been a while, or most likely never. We have access to water or any beverage for that matter at any time we want. My point is we take water for granted and have never had the thought ‘I might die of thirst’. In Luke 16 verses 19 – 31 it’s interesting to see the rich man ask for just a drop of water from the fingertip of Lazarus. Why didn’t he ask for more than that? Why didn’t he ask to be with Lazarus in heaven? We also see Jesus make the statement ‘I thirst’ in John 19:28 while hanging on the cross. What did Jesus mean by that? How can we apply the word ‘thirst’ to our lives and the world we live in. Join us this Sunday as we unpack the meaning of thirst as disciples of Christ. Hope to see you here.

Blake Wilsford


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