Hidden Treasures

Nathan Bentley   -  

Sermon Series: The Gifts have been Given

Sermon Title: Hidden Treasures

Wow! What a great response, we used all 200 of our gift tests allotted to us. Thank you for taking the time to fill everything out. There was some great insight into the gift mix here at LifePoint and I hope you found it helpful for yourself. This week we will be diving into the Priestly and Kingly gifts and helping to understand how they are best used in workplaces, neighborhoods, and the church.

When we remember that the purpose of the gifts of the Spirit are to build up the body/church, it is imperative we understand where we fit into that body. I believe a lot of Christians don’t get involved in ministry because we don’t understand our giftings and believe that to getting involved will just be another drain on our time and energy. The reality is that when we operate in our gifts it will energize you and edify the body at the same time.

Take time and read Romans 12 & 1 Peter 4.


Nathan Bentley