Living Sacrifice

Nathan Bentley   -  

Have you ever felt like your life is just one big lesson for someone else to know what NOT to do? Well, whether you have felt that way or not, this was the life of an Old Testament prophet. Either they were being asked by God to do some unthinkable things or they were hated by everyone they were trying to save and warn. Allow me to give you some examples of what I am speaking of, with just one prophet, Ezekiel.

  • Ezekiel is called to make a model of Jerusalem, shave his head, beard with his sword, and burn some of the hair over the model of Jerusalem, stick some of it in his pocket, toss some hair into the wind…
  • He is instructed to cook his food over human feces, but the Lord relents and allows him to cook it over cow dung
  • He is to eat a scroll given to him
  • He is to lay on his side for 390 days, then lay on the other side for 40 days
  • He is told his wife will die and he is not allowed to mourn for her
  • And of course, the incredible imagery of the valley of dry bones

What does it mean to be a living sacrifice for the Lord? How do all these images point toward Jesus? These and many other questions will be answered this Sunday as we look at the divine forecasts of the prophet Ezekiel.


Nathan Bentley