Hope to Struggle

Douglas Sheppard   -  
Have you ever had a job where outside of the normal working hours you were on call? What was that feeling like not knowing if you will receive the request to go provide the skill you possess? You might throughout the week begin to forecast or predict if you’ll get called in. Or you might hope to not be called in during a certain time frame because your child has a game or recital. It can be a heavy weigh upon your mind, unless your focus and trust is elsewhere.
What about the other side? Have you ever needed someone late at night, maybe a doctor or vet? Wasn’t it nice having someone on call and there for you in your time of need? Whether your the person on call, or making the call, both sides experience a struggle. But the amazing thing is one side is giving hope, and the other is receiving hope. Join us this Sunday as we take a look at the prophet Joel and his call to struggle and hope, and how we can learn to apply it in our daily walk with Christ.
Pastor Blake