Meek Before The Proud

Nathan Bentley   -  

This week we will be looking at the full response of God to Habakkuk’s second question in chapter 2. Last week we saw the importance and growth in waiting patiently. This week we will be looking at the Babylonians and what it was about them that garnered the wrath of God. Also, how is it that God’s chosen people, Israel, can so quickly get off track and fall into the same sin and destruction that Babylon displayed.

The answer lies in pride, glory, and idolatry. Those three areas are the catalyst for cultures and nations to rise and fall. As a Christian, is it possible to be trapped and in bondage to the above three traits? If you were currently caught up in any of the three, would you know it? What would you do if it was made clear to you, what next step would you be taking?

These are the areas of focus for this weekend. I would ask that you take time and read and reread the second chapter of Habakkuk and ask that the Lord teach & instruct you through His word, that come Sunday your heart would be prepared to be laid down before him.


Nathan Bentley