Psalm 63

Tim Ferrara   -  

This week we are looking at Psalm 63.  It is a Psalm of David when he was in the desert of Judah, on the run from Absalom.  The last two weeks Pastor Nathan has preached about the wilderness and how our response should include holding onto Jesus our Rock.  We see David, when faced with a situation that he couldn’t see the end of yet, giving over his situation to God.  David remembered God’s goodness and focused on worship.

The 3 key takeaways from Psalm 63 are: intense spiritual hunger makes a difference, seeking God in challenging times for strength, and worship being the key to spiritual breakthrough.

David used his situation to take inventory of his walk with God, thinking about the past and remaining hopeful for the future.

I worked in retail for many years and what we did constantly was take inventory.  Daily we took inventory on a small scale and yearly was the big inventory when everything in the store was counted.

We need to take inventory of our own life, both daily before God in our quiet time and prayer, and during bigger events when we are in a small group, conference, or at a retreat (reminder Men’s retreat is August 11-13).

I found a powerful 10 steps of when we need personal revival which is a great way to take inventory right NOW.  Read the list below and give the items you are convicted about before God.  Allow Him to speak to you.

You need personal revival when…

From: Dr. Larry Peyton

  1. You are entertained by things that once grieved you.
  2. You are silent where you once spoke.
  3. Your prayer closet has cobwebs and your Bible is dusty.
  4. You have ceased to grieve over your own sin.
  5. You have stopped sharing your faith.
  6. You are more excited about your personal agenda than doing God’s will for your life.
  7. You have to be begged to give and serve the Lord.
  8. You question God where you used to trust Him.
  9. You don’t long for worshipping God and being with His family.
  10. You are obsessed with what others think and not what God says.

We are praying for revival for this area, but it starts with each one of us.  May we grow in hunger for more of what God has for us.  Come expectant on Sunday!

Tim Ferrara

Executive Pastor