ARM Prayer Journey

Heather Wegert   -  
What’s on your calendar Saturday, September 16th?  You could sleep in and spend the day getting stuff done around the house… or you could ask God to challenge your perspective and the places you’ve grown comfortable in and sign up to come on the prayer journey to the San Carlos Apache Nation with Arizona Reservation Ministry (ARM)!
This prayer journey truly is like a mini mission trip.  We will meet at LifePoint at 8am on Saturday, September 16th, and by driving for an hour and a half, we will have entered into a different nation with different laws and ways of life.  While driving through the San Carlos Reservation, we will hear stories of devastation and stories of hope.  And most importantly, we have the opportunity and honor to pray in unity with our brothers and sisters who live there for the Apache people, who are greatly loved by God.  Prayer is powerful and I am convinced that God will use this in the lives of those we pray for and equally so in our own hearts and minds and we step out of our comfort zones and step into another culture.
While we often pair this prayer journey with a day of work, this is an opportunity especially for those who are unskilled with or unable to do manual labor (but all are welcome!).  Kids as young as 12 years old are welcome, so bring the family!  We will arrive back to LifePoint around 3pm.
You can sign up right here on this link
I look forward to seeing you there!
Heather Wegert
Director of Prayer Ministry