Psalm 111

Nathan Bentley   -  

So often we accept the idea that ignorance is bliss and life would be much easier without having to deal with or face head on a problem or conflict. Like many men, I hate going to the doctor, the scheduling the waiting, the realization that I am not as healthy as I should be and of course the unknown. What will they find? Whenever my wife tells me I need to schedule an annual physical, I tell her, “I’ll schedule it, but only if you are ok with this being our last Christmas together.” Some might say I am being a little dramatic…ok, maybe I am, but the lie I tell myself is, “as long as I don’t know about the problem and it isn’t causing me any pain, then I am better off not knowing it is there.”

Inherently we know that last statement is a lie. Yet we all have something in our lives that we would rather be ignorant of than face head on. In the 111th Psalm we see a description of God’s goodness and the resulting praise. What is interesting though is Psalm 112, which is the description of prosperity for the one who fears the Lord. The two Psalms parallel each other perfectly, both are ten verses, both correlate to one another verse by verse and the two together show us you can’t have one without the other.

Take time this week and read Psalm 111 & 112, ask the Lord to reveal to you any areas of your life, spiritually, physically, mentally, or emotionally that you are ignoring because of either fear or conflict that could result of knowing the answer. Then ask Him to give you the courage to face it.

See you Sunday.


Nathan Bentley