Hope Women’s Center Update

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Dear Friends at LifePoint Church,

Helping women who have suffered great hardship is seen by some as a hopeless endeavor where great changes needing to be made in their lives to have an impact. Both faithless and unfounded, this perspective is also shortsighted. When women arrive at Hope, we do not shove them into a class to learn financial skills and expect their lives to magically turn around. At Hope Women’s Center, we meet our clients with love and respect, not agendas. Wherever they are on their journey, we give them what they need, often something small most taken for granted.

For women, whose dignity has been trampled by abuse and sorrow, the gift of a hot shower, a soft towel, and clean clothes begin to grow in them the seed of self-worth. Such a subtle blessing, so easy to provide, yet so meaningful to those who have little. One of our sweet ladies, a recently evicted disabled elderly women, loudly praised God as we led her to the shower for which she had waited so long. With beaming faces, a young mother and her child thanked us repeatedly for a warm place they felt clean, safe, and loved.

Thank you for your support!


Tammy Abernethy

Chief Executive Officer

Last year, 22,000 Arizona women faced a dramatic upheaval—losing their children through Child Services intervention. While these interventions are sometimes necessary, they are always traumatic. These women are close to our hearts at Hope Women’s Center, and no woman should have to face these trials alone. Learn more about how we are here to help: https://hopewomenscenter.org/help-for-arizona-women/