Advent Sermon Series preview

Nathan Bentley   -  

Sermon Series: Israel’s Messiah for the World

Sermon Title: In the King’s Service

The entire world is currently caught up in a conflict that has much broader implications than just where the fighting is located. Over the last week we have seen a cease fire where hostages and prisoners are being released and for a brief period the fighting has stopped. For the nation of Israel this is really nothing new. Since God called Abraham out of his land and promised him a nation as numerous as the stars, Israel has been fighting for the land originally taken by Joshua and a generation of Israelites who had no place to call home. From all of this came a promise of a coming King, one who would restore to Israel what had been lost, one who would bring HOPE back to mankind.

We know this man now as Jesus, King of Kings, Mighty Counselor, Prince of Peace, and many more. However, to the people and the time He was born into, He was simply Jesus of Nazareth. A child born to obscure parents in a more obscure city. He would surround Himself with men of little worldly importance or influence and would spend His time with, “the least of these.”

I want to take a moment and encourage you this Christmas season, to not let anxious thoughts of what you need or desire to fill your mind. Rather, seek Jesus in glorious anticipation. Ask that He would meet you this season as you seek to remember His life and just what it means for you and those you love. The world will always be ready to give you an answer of your worth, but God has already shown you your worth by sending His son to be born, live, die and live again for you!

Prepare your hearts church, this week we will explore the hope that was given to the world through Israel’s Messiah.


Nathan Bentley