God’s Incredible Love For Us

Mike Shamburg   -  

Do we fully comprehend the love God has for us? OK, so maybe we can’t completely grasp that because He is perfect love but are we able to get a good idea of that love? Are we truly able to love our enemies as demonstrated by the Free Burma Rangers we saw in the video last Sunday? Have our lives been totally changed by the love of Jesus Christ, knowing He laid down His life for us therefore our lives shall be laid down for Him?

I ask myself questions like this on a regular basis. In some areas I can definitely say yes, my life has changed dramatically to be more like Jesus. In other areas I ponder why I haven’t been able to sustain that quality or action.

I believe we need to regularly take stock of our character. To see where we are at, where we’ve been and what is our goal to rise up to in the coming months or year. We never come to a point where we don’t need to grow anymore. As Paul states, it’s a constant race for the prize.

This Sunday we will be furthering the discussion on the love God has for each one of us, expanding on the conversation Pastor Nathan brought us last Sunday morning. Along with that, what shall be our response to this love and how will it be used to further His kingdom? I look forward to seeing you this Sunday and diligently looking into these questions.