Knock, Knock, Knockin on Heaven’s Door

Nathan Bentley   -  

This week we will come to the end of our season of fasting and will be focusing on the final action of Christs words in Matthew 7:7. To knock, is the final action we are instructed to do when seeking the kingdom of God. It is important to be reminded that these three actions of asking, seeking, and knocking are given to the one who are seeking God and the salvation he alone offers. The list of actions implies a deep desire to know God.

Have you ever been in a foreign city or country and been lost or seeking a place you couldn’t wait to get to? I can remember one time when I was on a mission trip in Namibia, Africa, I greatly desired to find a place where I could get a good WIFI signal to communicate with my wife. I had been gone for nearly three weeks and had two kids under the age of five and over the course of the three weeks had very little communication because of where we were working. When I got word of a place, I could go to get a signal to video call her and the kids I jumped on it. I would need to get in an old van with the steering wheel on the opposite side of anything I had ever driven, on top of that it was a manual with the shifter on the steering column and had no power steering. I would be driving in a foreign country on the opposite side of the road with no GPS. I asked for directions of where to go, when I got to the general area, I began to seek the landmarks I was told to look for, then I had to knock on the door of building and ask to come inside and use their internet. That phone call to this day is one of the most memorable I have ever had. My heart was longing to connect with my wife and kids, and upon finding them my heart was full.


Jesus is instructing all who will listen to seek after Him with that same kind of intensity and desire and there is a promise attached, that questions will be answered, understanding will be given, and doors will be opened. However, in Luke 13 we are given another reality, and that is, this invitation has an end date. There will come a time when it will be too late to respond to the invitation of the Lord, Hebrews 4:17 says “Today, if you will hear His voice do not harden your hearts.” The way to the Lord is narrow, and we must lay down our pride and good deeds to enter His kingdom, but the reward of doing so will be the greatest decision you will ever make.


Nathan Bentley