My360 Project Update

Lifepointaz   -  

As the founder of My360 project and a former senior pastor, I understand the biblical importance of partnership with churches, and the importance of churches partnering with Missions. I wholeheartedly appreciate Life Point for their step of faith with us these last few years. You’ve sent teams, impacted lives, and even support us on a monthly basis. All of these allow us to share the good news of the Gospel with thousands of children! Last year we finished with 17 countries, and this year we are hoping to add 2 new ones! We couldn’t do any of this without Life Point’s teams and monthly support. Even more than the money and support are your prayers for us! If there’s one thing I know about Life Point, you are a praying church! We can’t thank you enough for that. We look forward to serving alongside you this year and for many years to come.

Thanks for keeping us in your prayers and for partnering with us on Missions. God bless you Life Point!

Darryl Carnley, Founder and Lead Disruptor