A Son, a Prince, & a Redeemer

Nathan Bentley   -  

This Sunday we will attempt to close out the Genesis timeline with the life of Joseph. Very few figures in the Old Testament are as direct a correlation to the Messiah as the life of Joseph. So much can be seen about how God would unite the Gentile and Jewish worlds under Himself. Even the landscape of Egypt and Pharoah play important prophetic roles on God’s plan of redemption.

I encourage you this week to open the book of Genesis and read chapters 37-50. As you read, be looking for the parallels and qualities of Jesus in the life of Joseph. Is he prophetic, does he forgive, does he exhibit the fruit of the Spirit, is he a redeemer of his people? When you reread the story of Joseph with this intent, it is truly amazing to see how God was using His people to point the way to mankind’s redemption.

I am praying for you and asking the Lord to lead you this weekend in the decisions that are set before you and to humble yourself before Him each & every day. See you Sunday.


Nathan Bentley